K-Lite Professional Produce Reflex Reflector, Electronic Ele
ctroform, Truck Light, 
   Exhibition - Taiwan 2017 Taipei AMPA

   Taiwan K-lite Product

   Taiwan K-lite Reflex Reflector, LED truck light. motorcycle lamp

   KM318 LED Head Lamp Pass ECE SAE certification

Bus Lamp, Car Lamp, Motorcycle Lamp, LED Head Light, Bicycle Reflector, Road Stud and Cat Eye

Professional Manufacture, ECE certification, SAE & DOT,
     Product development, 3D optics structure design, Approval for Standard Certification
Our Factory has Accessories, Motorcycle Galleries, LED Winker Lamps, Stem light, Square super LED, brightness LED, Hose Clamp, Tooling and Production Machine, Plastic Mould Injection Machine

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